Daedalus in partnership with Revolut

We are here for those who refuse to remain stationary. Who stops ever moving forward. Who continues to look for new ideas and better experiences in what they do. Because today’s world is evolving rapidly, a financial partner is equally progressive. A partner tailored to your needs, gives you control and constantly pushes you into new exciting spaces. Free international money transfers, unlimited global spending, always on the interbank exchange rate. The business or consumer, Revolut is the only banking alternative designed for world-class lifestyle.

Welcome to a world beyond the Common Banking Data. Welcome to Revolut.

Get your REVOLUT debit card for FREE with unique privileges that we created for you and check out the 10 € offer for vaccinating your loyal friends.

Free of charge trades, worldwide

The intact Visa card is the ideal solution for travel, allowing you to do transactions free of charge to buy and convert currency to over 130 currencies.

  • Open an account in England
  • Send to your home or office
  • Advanced security through application
  • Money transfers in minute for free
  • Purchases abroad without commission (in 120 countries worldwide)
  • Update with a message each time a deposit or payment is made

Advanced security, fast and easy

Now you can control the security of your debit card from your mobile without worrying about theft.

  • Quick PIN change
  • Changing the trading ceiling
  • Disable withdrawal from ATM
  • Disable use in stores
  • Turn off intact transactions

Transfer money in minute, free of charge

Fast, free and secure transfer of money to all international accounts or to a friendly Revolut account. Find your friends who have Revolut and send their cash to their card immediately. The same minute will be seen in their account and will be able to use their card for purchases.

  • Transfer money to your friends directly
  • Ask for a certain amount
  • Send a certain amount
  • Place repeated payments for a certain amount
  • Create a payment link so you can share it and get paid

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